Demi Covers Billboard Magazine

Demi covers Billboard Magazine. Check it out here



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eli_K's picture

where can i find that billboard magazine with demitria lovato in it digitally (download)? i don't want the paper version. just want read her article!

Janet_Lawrence's picture

I always waned to see demi in person because you are a beautiful soul and I also wish that you could come to my country someday you are my role model and i also love all your music and keep up the good work you are doing and i love your style lots of love going out to you....................................................................

april_enolva's picture

i wish i could meet you in person. you're the most beautiful singer i've ever see. you have a very powerful voice i really like to hear you sing personally. i've been with you since you started making albums. catch me is one of my fav. songs you have. i hope you will have a tour here in the philippines, if you do i will surely save money for it.

Jess_Creek's picture

I honestly wish I could meet Demi Lovato I love her music, I Love Her Style, I just love her as a person but I will never have the money to ever go see her in concert which is sad but I thought I'd say that I love you Demi you're an awesome person keep it up.