The 'Tell Me You Love Me' Video is Out Now!

Demi's favorite video yet... the 'Tell Me You Love Me' video featuring the incredibly talented Jesse Williams is out now. #TellMeYouLoveMe

Watch now on vevo



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dotsonremod's picture

I don’t know how I’d ever meet you but, from the first time I ever saw your face I felt like I’ve known you forever. I’ve alway felt like that if we had met years ago that we would both be much happier. I sing and have Avery deep love for music. I don’t get to share it as much as I use to when I live in Nashville or in previous years but it’s still within me. I love what you do and how you do it. Your an amazing beautiful person inside and out.. the look in your eyes is only for few to understand.. I know cause I see that look everyday in the mirror. I guess god leads people down different paths .. hopefully one day ours may cross and you notice me .. I wish you the best and keep up the good work and never forget there’s only one of you .. only one

Cris P Dotson

Shepherdsville, Ky