Demi Lovato - Get Back (Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated)



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Wendy_Zarate's picture

Im so jellllyy of everyone there xc wooow your so perfect,

Always Amazing Live, 

Can't wait to see you March 2. One day I shall be able to afford VIP <3 #BrokeCollegeStudent #UCIpride

Big_Money2's picture

Woww smfh im sorry tha way I talk I'm from tha hood n.y.c upper manhattan I kno u don't care but lov.... woww u beauty umm I'm not 1 of them fanz of urs I google u 2day cuz I seen u on t.v flexin ur swim suit, and I seen u on YouTube in tha show Creg Ferguson straight funny lol miŕe moŕe I just found out u speak Spanish that's wassup thats a fendi; fendi means that's a fact.. listen lov keep it up keep movin up that ladder there level 2 this and no disrespect I really hope that ur boo giv u that nice hug and kisses every morning and nit cuz God dam I will, of yea I'm Dominican but u don't care oooouuuu Demi litt